Veronica Okyere founder of Grace N Favor. A firm believer of the word of God. She believe God has call her to help women in crises. She herself had gone through some challenges in life.When she was going through, she thought God had forsaking her but through it all, she realize it was for a purpose, so she allowed herself to go through it so she can be use of God. With what she had experience in life, and by the grace of God that surpasses all understanding she is ready to be use of God. There are lots of women out there that are going through some kind of challenges in life, such as marital, depression, anxiety, financial hardship, lack of direction, etc I want to reach out to them to inspire, motivate, and empower them with the word of God let them known that there is hope it is not over until God says so.



Veronica holds a diploma in biblical counseling and a member of AACC


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